Just how much time do you spend on metro apps?

To continue with the topic started here Link , I wanted to ask you guys, just how much time do you really spend on Metro apps vs Desktop vs Web versions of apps.

I'm bringing this to the table because I've found myself and my wife, using the desktop more and more and abandoning metro apps all together with a few exceptions like some games I've paid for, the Bing news app and some others like news bento and Youtube RT.

Strangely, the same is happening on the Surface, we are abandoning Metro apps and using the web a lot more than we did when the Surface arrived on November, again with the exception of games.

It could be that we are just old school computer users and we are more comfortable in the known territories of the web and the desktop, or it could just be that the Metro Versions are just not cutting it.

I'm inclined for the later as Windows 8 has 4 months in and apps are still very bare-bones compared to their desktop and web counterparts.

I'm loosing hope day by day as developers find no incentive to support Windows 8 (Rovio?) and users are less and less enchanted by it.

And the problem is that Metro is not something New, Metro as a UI paradigm has been in the wild for a couple of years now and still developers have not learn to make the most out of it.

So, how is your usage pattern?, are you finding yourself using metro apps more and more or the opposite?