HTC One: Are you buying?

The review from The Verge is out.


I noticed that there weren't a lot of topics discussing it. Almost none to be exact.

Are people simply not excited for it? everyone waiting for the S4?

For all the bad mouthing of Samsung and its choice of construction materials, it still seems to be the device to beat in the Android world. And you know still will be when it launches.

Samsung's polycarbonate phone will probably still outsell the HTC One by the millions. It's camera will be better. It's internals better. It's features/gimmicks will be impressive, even if they aren't altogether useful....

So, what's up guys and gals? Are you already over the One? Is HTCs use of Sense still a hindrance to purchasing this device? Or are you simply waiting for the S4?

Personally, I don't see any compelling reason to pick this over the S4 despite its premium body and beautiful screen. Software rules the day for me. Knowing that the S4 will get more dev support is making me lean toward it more right now.

Oh HTC.....despite your questionable business practice of thinking that changing the Android UI even more will lead to success, I wish you the best. (It does make me wonder though why they went for a WP UI-like experience when we all know the those brands of phones are still struggling. When people see it, they may instantly pass by it simply for that reason alone.)

What do you all think?