Make your backlit keyboard "dance"

Would be cool to listen to some songs while typing (in the dark especially). I have an Asus notebook (Asus n56vz) which supports up to 3 light intensities, so it would, at most rather be some light flashing, but still better than nothing.

I know there's no absolute answer, since it depends on every device /manufacturer, and I haven't found any other example/program except for macbooks.

It would be really nice if someone could give me a hint where I find the digital command for my Fn keys (Fn+F4 or F3 is backlit for me), and second how I could "implement" it in any way.

Hell, is it even possible without a specific program ?

EDIT: sounds like a WinAmp plugin could do that, but it seems only to work with Alienware devices

Sorry if this sounds noobish, I haven't found other ways to express this.