So it looks like the HTC ONE camera shots are less sharp than the competition, but their mics...

Just found this video

hdr video test htc one

The mic quality seems fantastic. That's a good sign. I'd prefer to sound clearer and that mic sounds it can pick up more details than most.

Unless the gs4 does something crazy like get rid of that fugly s3 design language, I'll probably be getting the htc one for my next phone.

It looks stunning to my eyes, I especially like how the back silver model looks, very clean and sleek and refined, even the way the camera port looks on the back.

I mean just LOOK at the different attention to detail and design between the sIII



and the htc one



I am sorry, but the styling is not even on the same planet, let alone the same league.

Beautiful device. The only thing that seems disappointing is camera quality for still shots in terms of sharpness. But I can live with that trade off.

I expect the s4 to have a better camera, more power, better marketing, and be absolutely hideous. I can't tolerate the last, but they may surprise me and turn out something good looking like the sII

As for the software, I don't think that will be an issue for me. I get a phone for the hardware first, then software. When your biggest gripe is hating blinkfeed.. which you can just switch to another home screen instead, you are scraping pretty low in the barrel to take points off just for the sake of saying something negative.

But most people won't agree with me. When I Saw the s3 reveal I thought it was a disaster, I came on these boards and declared it a failure, said that HTC won this round. And all those marketing dollars and the endorsement of tech site writers and readers of the s3 as the best android phone destroyed the ONE X chances.