Assessing the Windows Store

As a mobile developer who has taken a liking to Windows 8 and thus far released one application in the Windows Store, I'm interested in hearing from anyone what apps in the store they've found to be top notch. I know in my own experience of just browsing through the store, most of what I see looks like garbage, so I'm almost sure the functionality isn't going to be anywhere near 100% either. Something else I've noticed is that (based on review counts) people seem to be making due with what is available, even though they don't necessarily think current offerings for pretty common apps are as good as they could/should be. So I'd just like to hear from you all if you've seen some of the things I've mentioned, or if you are overall pretty satisfied with the selection available in the Windows Store.

Additionally, it would be great if you could share with everyone any specific gripes you have regarding common usability issues, apps you wish were in the store but aren't, apps that are in the store but you wish were not shitty, and so on.

Thanks everyone.

Edit: something else I'd like to know is what you think, if anything, warrants actually paying money for an app.