Microsoft made a bold bet to build its own hardware, competing directly with Apple's iPad, but it was never an easy task to create something new and unique. Microsoft's own tablet is the result of it facing a "big challenge" relying on its hardware partners to create a high quality physical device that could go up against Apple. Project "Georgetown," the codename for Surface RT, started with two simple goals: the tablet couldn't leak and it must ship when Windows 8 is ready. "The goal was, you gotta bring Windows 8 to life," says Microsoft's Panos Panay, general manager of the Surface team. Looking at the vision of Windows 8 and other Microsoft products, Panay was tasked with creating a tablet that would encompass everything Microsoft had to offer. After months and months of prototyping and tweaking, the end result was unveiled to the world on June 18th of last year. These are a few of the concepts and prototypes that led to that final product.