Windows 8 desktop users what moderns apps do you guys use and why?

I spend most of my time in a desktop environment but I still use Modern App's to my advantage.

Why Modern Apps why not use the a browser instead?

I don't know how you guys are not everybody is the same but after starting at a desktop for 2 - 3 hours I want a slight change of view that's why I like using a Modern App here and there ya feel me?

Modern Apps I use this is just for you "Why the #(&^ should I use Modern app's haters" so here my list of apps and I'm curious what you guys use.

1. Mail and Calendar once you boot up you get Mail and Calendar right in front of you. A slight view of what's going on. I use these apps just for notification purposes I barely go into them in a desktop environment except for when I'm shaing (Mail) or sometimes I use the Calendar view its more straight forward, straight to the point.

2. Anything news Bing Sports, Finance, ETC. I don't really care about the news but sometimes a topic catches my attention and that's whats sick about Live Tiles. I could give 2 #$(* about CNN, MTV, USA Today but if something interesting comes up I'm clicking on it. Also News Bento allows users to pin their favorite blog so when you press the start key you can see what the heck is going on world wide its a beautiful thing.

3. Anything you can sub pin like radio stations from Slacker or DatPiff or DI.FM. Pinning sub sections means you have quicker access to it, So pin what you like that's what Metro is all about

4. Anything good for pictures like Chive, Skydrive, Photos, FFFFound sometimes your just burnt out and want to look at pictures use an app its just as good and IMO its presented better.

So anything from personal notifications to news notifications, apps I can sub pin sections and photos all great ways to use modern apps in a desktop environment.