What to Expect From Samsung Galaxy S4

It’s the time of the year again when you feel less and less in love with your Apple devices because the tech world is coming up with so many new and great products and all you want to do is to sell everything you have to get some cash, stand in line and yell, “Shut up and take my money!” Well don’t worry; I’m here to strengthen those feelings of dissatisfaction and urge you to trade in your iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy S4.

So far, the only thing we are 98% sure of is that Samsung is releasing a new device on March 14, 2013 and it could be the Samsung Galaxy S4, based on the event invites and teaser ads the company released. At this point, it’s starting to look like this smartphone is something any tech head should look forward to this quarter. Here are just some of the tech specs for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that we can expect to see on March 14!

Display and Design

We can all expect Samsung to have a bigger screen for the Galaxy S4 but not so much as to let it border the “phablet” category. While it may seem that the Korean electronics giant favors big displays for their mobile phones, as we have seen with the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note series, it is still safe to assume that they won’t want the two devices mixed up in a sea of big screens. However, many reports suggest that the company will still stretch their display as before: The Samsung Galaxy S (at 4 inches) increased to the Galaxy S2 (at 4.3 inches) and then the Galaxy S3 (at 4.8 inches). This time around, tech experts are predicting a 4.99 inch screen on the next Samsung smartphone which could have a 1080p resolution and a 441 ppi pixel density. However, there are mixed thoughts on the material for the Galaxy S4’s screen. Some tech journalists say it could still be a Super AMOLED Plus display while some say it could be a SoLux Display. With regards to design, it is expected that the Galaxy S4 will look a lot like the Galaxy S3 but be longer (140.1 mm), thinner (7.7 mm) and wider (71.8 mm).

Memory Capacity

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is available at 16 GB which can be expanded to 64 GB with a micro SD. And while this has been enough to make some Apple loyalists trade in their iPhone for a Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy S4 could prove to be a better treat. Some reports say the device could be available in three variations based on memory capacity which are: 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. It is also widely expected that the Galaxy S4 still has a memory card slot that will allow for an additional 64 GB memory expansion.

Camera and Hardware

Aside from the design, tech experts believe there’s also something to look forward to under the Galaxy S4’s hood. For one thing, there had been many talks of the tech company incorporating either an Exynos 5 Octa 5 chipset or a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor that could clock in at 1.4, 1.8 or 1.5 GHz. The graphics processing unit will most likely be another PowerVR SGX chip. We’re also pretty sure that the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone will have the latest Android operating system, the Jelly Bean 4.2. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Samsung is planning on upgrading the smartphone’s rear camera to 13 MP from the older version’s 8 MP while the front camera could be upgraded to 2.1 MP from its predecessor’s 1.9 MP.


The only feature we’re sure is on the Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI which has been a staple on almost all of the company’s recent mobile device releases. We can also be certain that S-Voice, Google’s own version of Siri, will be available on the Galaxy S4 as well as the “Swype” feature which allows for predictive text input and has been on recent Android devices like Nexus 4 and 7. Another Samsung feature which will surely come up is the Smart Stay eye tracking, a feature that utilizes the smartphone’s front camera to sense if you are looking at the phone so that it can maintain a bright display as long as you are looking at it. What we’re not sure about is the rumored eye scrolling feature where you can use your eyes to scroll up and down your device by simply looking at it. The said technology made big waves in CES 2013 for computers but has not been made available to any smartphone yet. And though this feature sounds too tempting to pass up, I think it’s too early in the game to put smart optics into our normal devices. We still have fingers for that.

I personally am excited to see what Samsung has in store for all gadget geeks on March 14! Will you want to trade in your iPhone for this new piece of tech? We’ll soon find out!