Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming in colours? Yes, according to new teaser video.

So the GS4 is coming in just a few days, and on cue, Samsung has revealed two things in a new teaser: another 'Zoll-moment' and that the GS4 might just come in colours.

If you can't watch the video (I don't blame you), the kid who is holding a box containing the Galaxy S4 opens the lid and says "It's my favourite colour!". Now, he is eating oreos, so this could just be a reference to the black and white of the S3 and S2, but it does seem to be a weird thing to say since nobody particularly likes black, grey or white specifically.

So new-Zoll and coloured S4's. Also, this might mean those dull-grey leaks aren't real. Or it could just be more BS from the kings of marketing ass, Samsung.

Yours truly,

Galaxy S3 owner