Is Facebook enough or do we need more.


We as in active internet users are somehow addicted to Facebook. This is something I feel at a personal level. Be it friends, brands, info. on latest things, news anything we refer to Facebook. If you observe closely you spend almost 2 hours a day (regular+irregular) on Facebook. My point is "We're somehow addicted to it". Addiction can be good or bad depending on the level of engagement you have as compared to your regular schedule.

- Does this level of engagement is good for our future?

- How do we want to see Facebook in future in terms of engaging with our lives.

- Is Facebook really worth of the time we're sharing on it? Are we losing time for some other important things like fitness regimes, any hobby, spending time with family etc.

- What will happen if Facebook went down, how will you stay connected. Are we too much dependent on Facebook when it comes to connectivity.

- What's missing with Facebook? I think alot (can discuss in private threads).

It's time to think. Time to act.

Comments welcome.