Why does the Industry Seem to Hate Backwards Compatibility?

PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 aren't backwards compatible. Or at least the PS3 and Wii used to be until both came out with altered versions that removed the ability. The current Wii U is backwards compatibility but I'm betting in time they remove the feature. It was recently announced that the PS4 will not support PS3 games out the box and I find this trend disturbing and confusing.

What's up with the BC hate? I get that companies want to sell the old consoles but I'd be far more likely to buy a new one if I knew I could play an old disc I have laying around from previous generations or play games I already purchased from the PSN store or Virtual Console.

Are Profit margins really that high for old consoles to warrant removing or ignoring a possible console selling feature? I feel like in age of emulators, there's no excuse for not supporting older games, it's not like it would cost that much to implement. But let's discuss. What would it take to pull off and what's with the aversion? As always, as the resident video blogger I made a supplemental video to support this discussion.