Why all the Samsung hate? (Honest question) *UPDATES*

Every time a new Samsung flagship comes along, almost everyone in the tech circle seems to hate it due to its plastic design. Like Clockwork.

I don't understand all the hate directed at Samsung due to its preference to go with plastic on its flagship phones.

A smartphone to me is all about features and how it performs. i couldn't care less how precious it looks. It is not a jewel to be coveted.

My own experience with Samsung has been very good. My first Android phone was a Galaxy 3 (not GS3, this is a mid range phone from 2010), and although the performance of the device was modest befitting its modest specs, I can't complain about the build quality. I must have dropped this phone several dozen times (without a case), and I had only a few scratches to show for it.

My current phone is a Galaxy S2 which I have been using for about 18 months. This is still one of the fastest phones around. Again, can't complain about the build quality. Thought, admittedly made of plastic, it is still very durable and I have only a few scratches on the back after 18 months.

What mattes most to me is a phone's specs and performance. With Samsung, it is guaranteed I would get the best SOC on a phone, with a brilliant display and most importantly support for expandable storage and removable battery.

I also appreciate the fact that they are reasonably developer friendly as all Samsung flagships come with unlocked Bootloaders (There is still the issue with Exynos sources not readily available to devs, but that is another story).

These are the things that matter to me and I am not really concerned about whether my phone looks like a fine piece of jewelry.

What do you guys think?

Do you think the bad rap Samsung is getting over the design/looks of its phone is warranted?


Going over the first 100 comments, I see a common theme here:

1. Samsung's glossy hyperglaze finish is ugly - expect more from a flagship phone.

- I agree that they could improve on the build quality. I myself prefer the matte finish on the GS2 to the hyperglaze on GS3.

But, considering the top notch internals, it doesn't bother me enough to hate the company.

2. Touchwiz is an abomination and hurts Android ecosystem:

- While touchwiz still does look a bit cartoony, the good thing is that it's Android. If Samsung's icons and home screens bother you, it can be changed.

Also, Samsung phones come with unlocked Bootloaders and are generally hacker friendly (despite the Exynos source issues).

I would also like to point out the cool features Touchwiz has - like multi window support, which is unique in Android.

3. The general feeling many people have that Samsung is a copycat and a cheap imitator of Apple and don't deserve success.

- This one is a bit strange to me. My personal opinion is that all companies steal ideas from each other (Everything is a re-mix).

While Samsung generously lifted interface elements off of iOS in their 2010 devices, they appear to be toning down of late.

In any case, it is not something that bothers me as a consumer.

I am not trying to make excuses for Samsung. They can certainly do more.

I can understand preferring HTC or Sony to Samsung, what I don't understand is the sort of hatred I see here.