How much longer until Microsoft gets it together? (WP8)

Hi all,

I really don't mean to bitch but I just wanted to know how much longer will it take to Windows Phone 8 to get on par with Android. I had high hopes for WP and switched from Android. I recently cracked my screen and had to go back to Android and I can't believe how much more satisfied I am with my cracked screen, terrible camera vibrant, file access, etc. Swype, Instagram, Facebook, and tons of other apps. It makes me wonder why in the world did I give it up?

I know it took Android several years to catch up but does anyone have an estimate. I'm starting to worry that even when Instagram comes, Microsoft is still going to be far behind. The fact that I can barely access my files is a big thing. Especially files over 25 mb downloaded from the UC browser. I kind of knew what I was getting into beforehand but I did not know it would be this bad. Now that Windows blue is on the horizon, I'm even more pissed for wasting my time on Windows Phone 8.

Someone please help ease my nerves and give a little reassurance if there is any.