Images and video of an unidentified Motorola handset have appeared on Tinh tế, and it looks quite unlike any of the recent Kevlar-coated phones from the Google-owned manufacturer. While there have been rumors that a flagship "X Phone" will come sometime this year, it doesn't look like this device is it — as per Google's comments about upcoming Motorola devices, the 720p AMOLED display is unlikely to make anyone say "wow" like we'd hope from a true collaboration.

Unlikely to make anyone say "wow"

Still, if this is a real unit or prototype from Motorola, it does show that the company is working on new products that depart from its traditional hard-edged design. The phone has a smooth, non-removable back panel perforated with holes for a speaker, and it looks fairly sleek from the sides. The subtle "M" logo above the screen is a welcome change, too, and features an unusual broken-circle pattern that we haven't seen before. The phone also appears to be quite a bit more compact than bezel-heavy handsets like the Atrix HD and Droid RAZR line.

The software looks like stock Android with a standard Motorola clock widget; the company's skins have been significantly toned down as of late, but the build on this device goes further by using Google's regular on-screen buttons.

Overall this doesn't look like it'd be much more than a mid-range handset for Motorola in 2013, but its existence may be a positive sign for those expecting a new direction for the company. While we've heard that there's an 18-month pipeline that Google needs to get through before launching new products from its recent acquisition, it does at least seem that Motorola has some new ideas in store.