The Future of iOS

We all know that iOS, which many people believe to be the 'original' smartphone OS. Over the years, as other smartphone operating systems came along, iOS became 'dated' or 'stale'.

It's pretty much common knowledge amongst anyone who follows Apple that iOS is in need of a UI revamp. I mean, Apple wouldn't be Apple if they didn't surprise the f*ck out of us every few years or so. The fact that I've now heads the Human Interface department shows that Apple is cooking us up something good as we speak! This revamp will hopefully hit in iOS 7, although no one really knows exactly when it'll be in our hands.

So, as we prepare for iOS 7 to be previewed relatively soon, what direction do you guys think Apple is going to go for in terms of their UI?

As I look though iOS 6, I tried to find certain (newer) stock applications which looked different than the others. And what I found could possibly give us a little peak at what our friends in Cupertino have in find for the long awaited iOS overhaul.

For some reason above me, Apple decided that the iPad didn't need a But, one was given to us in iOS 6. And for some reason, I just get a gut feeling that this is the direction Apple wants to go in for their new UI for iOS X

As you can see, this app goes for more of a digital feel as opposed to the skeumorphic (sp?) approach.

I'm not too good at making renderings for future designs like some of you guys do, but perhaps this is what the rest of our favorite mobile OS will look like in a few months.

First post here by the way. Although, I've been reading the threads for quite a while.

Please comment and let me know what y'all think!