Tip for being super productive and efficient in IE10/IE9

Hola Tribe,

So I usually spend my time in two browsers (Chrome and IE10) but mostly IE10. We all know that IE9 and 10 have a feature that allows users to pin particular websites to their taskbar for easy access to homepages and deep-linked pages, if the web property has allowed that function. However for a while now there's also been the "Pin to Favorites bar" feature as well.


After using it for quite some time and trying out the different options it offers I kinda think that this is even more convenient than the taskbar icons because while you're browsing you can easily move your mouse upwards and click to activate a new website shortcut.


and maybe Microsoft should expand on it. So does anyone else make use of the Favorites bar and in the way that I do?

Here's an example of where I think MSFT should go with the favorite bar, sorta mimicking what is done with the task bar icons. By allowing the same jumplists that feature on the taskbar, to also feature on the Favorites bar upon right clicking. I think the current implementation beats the socks off anything Chrome has for favorites/shortcut management by default and even some extensions I've used there prove to be a bit buggy and inefficient sometimes.


Also! Does anyone else have any other tips and suggestions for being efficient and increasing productivity in IE9/10? Maybe best plugins/accelerators? Fee free to post them below if so. IE10 might not be as feature packed as Chrome but it pretty darn fast and efficient.