Nest Learning Thermostat - Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 app Request

I have owned a Nest Learning Thermostat for some time, but have been frustrated at the lack of Windows Phone and Windows 8 (metro) apps. I have tweeted to @Nest and they directed me to a forum post on their website. There are several comments there in support of developing an app. Nest says that they do not comment on anything that is still being developed, but they are swayed by commentary on their forums.

I don't want to flood their forum with Windows Phone or Windows 8 fanboys, but if you seriously are interested in Nest or already own a Nest Tstat and would love to have a dedicated app, please go to the forum post and add your support by commenting on the suggestion.

At the very least, they could release a public API so 3rd party developers could fill in the gap.