Technology in five years, voice your prediction.

Stole this idea from the technology board on 4chan. Keep it simple, voice and debunk predictions without starting a fanboy war.

1. Gesture based technology will be relevant on clothing.

2. The Patent System is still broken and heavily lobbied.

3. Valve becomes a hardware company and buys the Oculus Rift

4. The average desktop device will need a minimum of 8GB RAM

5. Apple sells 'Retina" monitors that can function with an Apple TV

6. AdBlocker extensions and apps will only be used by tampering with software or hardware.

7. Facebook makes their own Youtube service to stay relevant

8. Google partners with Sony/Gaikai to bring cloud gaming to their platforms.

9. United States internet infrastructure stays the same.

10. Ouya will die and resurface as an app store for devices.