Opportunity to buy a Nexus 7 for cheap, should I?

I've got a friend selling a like-new 32GB Nexus 7 for $140, and I am contemplating purchasing it. The reason that I am posting here is to ask if you guys think it is a good idea. This would be my first tablet, but I have never really seen myself as a tablet person. I have an S3 and a Windows 7 laptop, both of which I love, but I am not sure how a tablet would fit in. I am thinking about buying it just for the hell of it, but I would also kind of feel bad if it sat around collecting dust. I guess it's not really an issue of money, but an issue of I just don't like being wasteful and having stuff sit that I will never use. Should I give it a try, maybe I will like it? Is there a point to it since I already own an S3? I just don' t know. This maybe kind of a silly post, sorry guys just throwing some thoughts out here.