Dear VOKLE: An Open Letter to the Staff of the Live Streaming Service


My name is B.Goldman. I am a staff pick at your site. When I started my show "B.GoldmanLIVE!", I was broadcasting through an Israeli startup called It was terrible. It was full of trollers and people showing there ding-dongs, and was crap. I then moved on to UStream. I stayed there for 2 and a half years. It was a great platform. It had a problem though. I could not, no matter how hard I tried, gain more viewers. At the time my show was averaging 10 viewers at any given second, and UStream had no promotion platform (at the time, I am not sure if they currently have one). I began looking for other solutions, and could not find any. I went on doing my show. Being a techie, I always keep up with tech YouTubers. One of which (SoliderKnowsBest) began broadcasting on your site. I took a look, and almost immediately signed up. I was impressed. Anyone who broadcasted was featured in the current events section of the front page, enabling people to gain viewership, and staff picks were embedded to the front page when live. In January of 2012, you guys made me a staff pick. I was very excited. My show continued to gain popularity,,, until 4 months ago.

I once co-hosted a weekly event for VOKLE called "Weekly Demo", along with the VOKLE staff. That was their last one ever. They allowed me to ask them some questions, and for the first time ever, they told me that they were working on an iPhone app.This was right before they made me a staff pick. They had some very ambiguous plans, which I was excited about. Then they launched VOKLE 2.0, and that's when everything changed. For the last 4 months, VOKLE's recording system has been down. Completely. With no explanation. Just down. Then Adobe released a new version of Flash came out, and I was unable to broadcast.

[Watch the event here. If it works.]

For those 4 months, I was forced to broadcast on YouTube LIVE (which, for the record, also has no promotion system, but it was my best next option). Last week, I regained the ability to broadcast after a Flash update came out. I tried and it worked but not well. VOKLE, you need to get your act together. For the past 4 months, I have personally been trying to contact you. I tweeted, DM, emailed multiple staff members. No answer. Not even a blog post. I thought there was an explosion in your office or something and something happened to you guys. I am still not quite sure where you guys are. At least I know you guys are not dead, and I know you guys are working on the recording system again, after receiving a series of test recording emails last friday.

VOKLE, I think you made a mistake going to VOKLE 2.0. I think you guys lost 10's of thousands of unique viewers every month. I think you should go back to version 1.0. I liked it a hell of a lot better. I'd love to come back, I really want you guys to succeed, but all of these issues need to be fixed. At least let us know in a blog post, or even a tweet, that you guys are doing something about it.