Android Developers Help Required!

Hi guys,

I'm a regular 24 yr-old tech-headed guy from New Zealand and for the last 2 years I have wanted an Android App created! I'm sick of thinking about it, and at least want to give it a crack, so I'm on here looking for some advice. Already I have:

  • Installed Eclipse and literally spent hours trying to learn Java etc – eventually deciding against this method :/
  • Struggled to get my notebook of ideas/drawings written into a logically written brief
  • Signed up to oDesk, elance etc and read lots of sample projects, intending on making one myself
  • Sought help from the Google Developers Community over on Google+
  • Developed mock screenshots
  • Spent countless hours wishing it was made already!
The app is Very similar in its back end workings to GreenAlps Real Time GPS Tracker, however its front end is tailored for a much more specific purpose which this app currently cannot work in.

I know in my head exactly "How" it will work, have made a few mock screenshots etc, but am struggling to get it all down on paper (in a logical order) to give to someone to make!

I have a rough budget of $2,000NZD (1600USD) funding to get a beta version created that I can test On-site over the months of May/June, but really just want to be able to call someone up on Skype, explain the ideas, show the screenshots and get something made.

Am I crazy in thinking this is a possible way to get an app made? Can anyone offer any advice at all in my quest to success!

Thanks, Andrew