Help a Fellow Out!

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but here goes.

Having been obsessively reading every piece of new information concerning Windows 8 tablets since October. I'm ready to pull the trigger and purchase the sexy Surface Pro. However, to justify the expense ($1200 just for the 128 tablet due to it being imported) I need to make sure I can make use of it for my work. That price for a toy is not acceptable to me. I'm already sold on the idea of Surface, and I'd like to see if anyone on here can help me justify my reckless desire for some new tech. I'll lay out the facts of my case and we'll see if anyone bites.

I'm an ESL teacher from the UK living and working in Korea. I want to use a tablet to aid with my teaching. I have a classroom within a school with a big screen and want to mirror the Surface's screen onto it - wirelessly if at all possible. There is no tech support, so I will have to make this work by myself. Hence, it should be simple and most importantly cheap to implement.

What I have to work with:

I have a work PC running XP Pro which is hooked up to the big screen by VGA.

The PC is linked up to the internet by Ethernet. I have no access to the router, just the cable coming out of the wall. There is no WiFi network currently in operation.

The big screen has HDMI, USB, VGA and component ports.

I'm interested to see what creative solutions you can come up with. So, far I've thought of about a dozen but they all have severe limitations, like cost or being physically tethered. Have at it!