Android Civil War: HTC vs Samsung


As we draw ever closer to the unveiling of the S4, more civil war has broken out in our forums. The combatants?

HTC vs Samsung

This war is between their underlying principles and ideas of what make a smartphone best for the vast majority of its customers.

*Aluminum vs Plastic/Polycarbonate


*Sense vs Touchwiz

*One set of software gimmicks vs Another set of software gimmicks (Usefulness usually determined by the buyer)

*UltraPixels vs more Pixels (Apparently, if leaks are to be believed)

Bad blood is beginning to develop among the Android faithful. Once brothers and sisters united against Apple....


....some have begun attacking one another.

When will the madness end???

When will all Android fans unite and come together as one cohesive band? When will lay down our hurtful words and simply acknowledge that each company has something good and positive to bring to the table?

When will it become okay to say, "Hey, I like smooth polycarbonate, but I respect your desire to enjoy aluminum?"

Maybe when....


Oh well....

I guess we can return to hating iOS users when Apple releases a new version.