Samsung Android !!!!!!

There was survey email from the company about how employees use their current company provided balckberry phones. They also wanted to know what other personal phone the employees use along with the balckberry.

This is how they framed on of the question..

what type of mobile phone do you have for personal use?

  • apple iphone
  • Samsung Android (eg Galaxy)
  • Non-samsung Andorid (eg Motorola,LG)
  • Windows mobile (seriously !!!!!!)
  • other smartphone
  • i dont have a smart phone
I though it was just the common public that might view the android as Samsung phone and not as Google android phone. But this coming from a top executive of a tooo big to fail one .. just couldn't stop laughing. Google should really do something about it. Its high time. Otherwise its just gona be even worse identity problem after the S4 launch today..
what do you guys think google should do about this?