Why I can't stand Samsung

Because of the upcoming announcement today, there has been a lot of talk about Samsung lately. Personally, I think someone needs to put Samsung in their place. I can not stand Samsung's products lately. The Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note II are all infinitely worse products than they could be.

For starters, as everyone in the Verge forums has mentioned, Samsung loves to use flimsy, cheap-feeling plastic in their flagship products. However, my frustration with Samsung is beyond just their use of materials. Samsung has great internal hardware. Their Exynos processors, their cameras, and their displays are all the best on the market (or at least very close). Samsung, more than any other OEM, is in a unique position to make outstanding products that really give Apple some competition. And yet, for some reason, Samsung chooses to put all of these high end components into a piece of s**t design. And then, as if their terrible designs aren't enough, they make the casing of their products out of low quality materials.

HTC, Sony, and even Blackberry all have these very nice looking products. The HTC One X was the best looking Android phone on the market last year, and this year's design of the One is inarguably better. HTC wasn't content with their already awesome looking design, they wanted to make it even better. Samsung, on the other hand, made a horrendous looking GS3, then came out with an extremely similar looking Note II, and it looks like the GS4 is just going to be a mix between their two most recent phones. Come on, Samsung. Be less creative.

Second, it seems that Samsung's idea of improving a product means that it has to be bigger than the previous model. Although it's not official yet, it's almost certain the GS4 will have a 5 inch screen. The original Note had a 5.3 inch screen, which was considered laughably big when it came out. Now, the phone that Samsung plans on selling as a device for the average consumer is going to be almost the same size as the original Note. And I know it's not just Samsung making 5 inch flagship phones. But again, Samsung is in a different position than other OEMs. What is stopping Samsung from making a 4.3" 720p phone with just as good specs as the upcoming GS4? If Apple can do it, there should not reason Samsung can't. The whole idea of the Note was to have an option for people who wanted a phone with a giant screen, and now Samsung is getting rid of their option of a smaller high-end phone. There is such a thing as a phone being too big. When will Samsung stop making their product bigger?

Finally, Touchwiz is just an abomination. Samsung certainly has some good ideas, like the dual app view or raising your phone to your ear to call the person you're texting. However, the visual aspect of Touchwiz is just painfully ugly. Samsung hasn't really changed very much in the past couple years, and I really don't like how comfortable they are with that.

In closing, I just really don't like how because they are selling so many products and making a lot of money, Samsung doesn't feel like they need to change up their game every once in a while. Similar to the way Apple hasn't changed the iPhone and iOS too much. I just don't think there is an excuse for not making the best products you possibly can, and that's why Samsung frustrates me so much.