Help me make a music video by sending me shitty spam ads! (and get credit for it too)


Im a film student and I'm making a music video that's all about those annoying spammy ads. You know- the ridiculous ones that go 'I make 600 euros a day and bought this boat all whilst working at home!' Or perhaps: 'These fine ladies would like to chat with you, and waddayakow. they live next door!'

I'm sure you've got some faves.

Now, I need as much real spam as I can get. Preferably with flashy colors, loud text and lots of exclamation marks. The cheesier the better. I want to ask you guys for help! If there is one in particular you've noticed, please send it to me. Maybe its open in a tab right now! Or maybe you know a site that has particularly juicy banner ads, and you can send me a link.

The premise of the video is simple: we see a mundane dude with a guitar in front of a poor quality webcam who looks like he's about to record a youtube cover. (like there are millions of). But quickly he's pushed out of view by ad banners coming in from the sides. While we first presumed the guy with the guitar to be the subject of the video, its really the woman in the ads who starts to sing. (the song features female vocalists, its a cool song.) From then on we see an ongoing battle between the amateur musician trying to get famous on youtube and the advertising on youtube that makes the service possible in the first place. There's some truth in that which I'm sure isn't lost on you guys ;)

you can use my old hotmail account to send me stuff: (I mainly get spam on there anyways). I can't ask you to actually save flash content, so a screen cap and/or link should be fine.
In return I'll credit you in my video when I put it on vimeo. Just include a name in your email and you'll see it in the description of the vid. If there's no name I'll assume you prefer to remain anomyous.

This is also the one chance in life where you'll get to deliberately forward someone the spam in your spamfilter. Think about that.

So that's it! If you have any ideas or thoughts about the vid, I'm always up for discussion so leave a comment :)
PS I was also hoping to approach some real advertisers and ask them if they want their ads in the vid for free but I can't find a good forum to do this. If someone knows anything, let me know.