Equivalences on Windows Phone 7.8

Hi all,

Windows Phone has always interested me but I'm too attached to Google services to make the jump from Android/Nexus.

I managed to snatch a Lumia 900 for $120 on Craigslist. It's a good and cheap test drive to see if I can live inside Windows Phone. I upgraded the phone 7.8 immediately and play around with the home screen:


via i.imgur.com

The experience has been pretty good so far. I unlocked the phone on eBay and used it on T-Mobile. Here's my data speed:


via i.imgur.com

Not as fast as the Nexus 4 (I was getting 18-22 Mb/s on the N4) but definitely usable.

I was able to replicate most of the N4's apps and core functionalities. I'm still missing a few things -- would you all be kind and help a brother out here by recommending the equivalent on Windows Phone for the following:

1. An RSS reader (such as GReader, Feedly, Flipboard or Press for Android)

2. Google Music: I have 120+GB of music so the paltry 16GB storage won't cut it. I don't want to pay a monthly fee for TuneIn or Slacker or Spotify. Gooroovster and CloudMusik are so buggy, i.e. they don't show the music I've uploaded recently right away, and they don't automatically update either. I don't need to stay with Google Music so is there any other service out there that offers similar functionalities on Windows Phone? If not, what's your solution to for access to your entire music library on Windows Phone?

3. Google Voice: I just need to receive text messages and I don't want to mix these up with my regular texts by having GV forward them to my SIM number.

4. VoIP client (such as TalkATone or Vonage Mobile). Viber takes care of this somewhat but not every one uses Viber. And I still need to call landlines quite often.

I thought Mango and 7.8 supposedly improve multitasking, but here are the few issues I've noticed but am not sure whether it's fixable or not:

1. Skype calls end when you press the Home button.

2. Nokia Drive stops all the navigation when you press the Home button.

3. Nokia Music still plays in the background but takes like 5 seconds when you reopen it via the multitasking menu.

If these issues can't be fixed, are they still there on Windows Phone 8? Does the App Store look different on WP8 compared to what I see right now on 7.8? Does WP8 offer better multitasking, i.e. apps will resume quickly and exactly as I leave them or I still have wait for them to load every single time?

Overall, I really enjoy WP - such a breath of fresh air.