How on earth did Social beat RSS?

I just read an article on Engadget about the end of Google Reader, and how it is due to the majority shift to social news discovery over RSS. People are getting their news from Twitter and Facebook, apparently. I am completely confused by this.

(1) Friends don't know what's up. I would never rely on my friends to provide me with links to news, much less the volume/breadth of news I subscribe to in Reader. If anything, I'm the one who knows about things before others do, and god knows I don't bother sharing and liking every story I read.

(2) Social news from friends is dirty. Even if my friends and acquaintances did share and like what they read, they're filtering (by not sharing) and/or commenting on it. I'm not interested in that. RSS gives me it all, straight from the site, which is as close to the source as I can get.

(3) I'm not friends with blogs. A while ago, noticed that some people were geting their news via Facebook / Twitter. I tried it. Suddenly Gizmodo and Lifehacker stories are showing up (and lengthening) my Facebook and Twitter Feeds

(4) Social is personal, not news. I want news in my news and people in my social. I follow Topolsky and Patel on twitter because I want to see what they say personally, not because I want links to their stories.

(5) Social is realtime. This is the biggest one. Does anyone have time to CONSTANTLY monitor Twitter and Facebook for news? Not only do RSS readers hold stories until you read them, there are many apps that will do offline sync (Byline on iOS, for example, has been mission critical for me for years). I can't imagine living without this. Even newspapers and magazines beat "social news discovery" on this.

I suspect that the "majority", whoever that is, are people who don't have a voracious appetite for news. Instead, they're fine with hearing about things if they are in the right place at the right time, and "oh, that's interesting, i'll click and see what it is." "Eh, If i don't hear about it, i'm sure i'll hear about it from someone else later".

Social news discovery feels like a tremendous step backward. A willingness to 'miss' things.

That's not me. Call it OCD, but I want to be assured that I'm not skipping a story unless I chose to skip it.

Pardon the pun, but am I misreading this? Is there a right way to social news in the absence of RSS?