What the Surface Should Have Been

I was sitting in class today and thinking about the laptop I want to get for college, and it hit me what really would have been the perfect Surface. Hopefully Microsoft will do something like this in the sequel.

I think the Surface should have been just one advice. No RT version. I can see why MS would make an ARM compatible OS, but I don't think it is perfect for the Surface. Instead they should have made it with an Intel Atom. Just think about it. Fantastic battery, more power, true x86 compatibility. This should have at least been an option with the surface pro. The only thing holding me off from that purchase is the 4 hrs of battery. Couple that with a pen on all models, 10 pts of multitouch and that great screen on every model and I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

Yes? No? What do you guys think? I think Surface with an Atom would have been incredible.