Samsung just lost a customer


So the Unpacked event is still going on but I dont want to see any further. The reason I sold my iPhone was because of this exact same reason. The iphone is a great cellphone and I was a huge iPhone fan until the iPhone 4S. I waited a year to have a new device and they fed me the same damn device from a year ago. I have a GS2 and I want a new phone, in my country galaxies are abundant and get here fairly quickly (unlike the One X which took almost a year) I wanted to get the S4, I was so excited about how they were going to unleash a beast on the 14th. The entire show (this is not a presentation) is a joke, I didnt wait so long to look at a kid tap dancing and as far as all your amazing new features, I dont care because Im getting CM.


I wanted that huge 2600mah battery, those saturated amoled colors, amazing blacks, viewing angles, octacore processor, and great availability. I was going to give up great build quality for that. HTC ONE has everything I need, not to the same degree but I'll get it. It will probably cost me alot more money since I'll have to import it (if anybody knows a good site with international shipping I'd appreciate it if you share)but I wont get a SGS3S.