The Litchfield HTC One camera comparison is out

vs the 808, 920, and the N95

Why the n95, they have similar individual pixel size, in fact I beleive the n95 is slightly larger even at 5mp and back in 2007.

This is purely about the picture and not the experience of taking the picture, the older n95 is painfully slow in todays terms, in opening, focusing, processing, etc... You could probally take 100 pictures with a one in burst mode to 1 picture with the n95.

spoiler the 808 wins by a landslide, the one next just beating out the n95, then the 920 coming in last, still having software issues. I really want to see the 808's camera on windows phone, but I don't think windows phone yet has the carmera software to support something like that. With symbian it was so mature that it had its camera software down really well.