What they'll never say: S4 is just an inferior Xperia Z.

Oh yes, my friends, that is exactly what it is.

I won't even get to the design of the two phones where the S4 is miles behind, or compare high quality glass vs. cheap plastic, or Sony's gorgeous, nearly-stock UI in front of Samsung's overdose of S-hit.

Let's get technical.

First up, the international variants of Galaxy S4 get the S4 pro processor. (Some tongue twister that, Galaxy S4 S4 pro processor.) So, same as the Z, as far as my country is concerned.

And let's face it, 8 cores is simply a ridiculous spec to boast about. It will only be marginally faster than the S4 Pro, I bet my ass on it.

Camera? Same. Probably the Sony sensor is better, seeing the rage it is on "the iPhone 5 camera". 13.1 Megapixels. Best in Android, unless you like 4 MP (a controversial debate) or compare it with amazing Nokia cameras unfortunately not on Android.

Display? Inferior. LCD>AMOLED, although that's personal opinion, and LCD is much denser than an AMOLED of the same pixel density. Confused? Either research it or accept it.

Plus, I'd rather have brightness for outdoor visibility rather than blacks for, eh, indoor invisibility?

Also, the "viewing angles are bad on the Z" nonsense is because the Xperia Z comes with a preattached screen guard. You can remove it too, if you're that desperate to let the guy beside you in the metro read your messages clearly.

RAM, Storage, MicroSD, Same.

Neither has inductive charging, so deal with it.

Android version? Same. YES, same. Sony has had swipe-y features on it's keyboard since android 2.3, and has those toggles on the Notification Bar like 4.2, and Google Now is being updated on 4.1 devices as well, so there's no upgrade really. They're essentially the same.

Any and all of those S-bloat features are already better executed by third-party apps on the Play Store. Also, none of these "Oh the screen pauses when I look away" S-hit holds up to "Look, ma, smartphone working in the rain!"

Battery. Ah, yes, statistically higher on the S4, yet I wonder how long will it truly last in real life with a front camera always looking at you and a screen always looking for nearby fingers? Of course you can turn that off. (you probably will). But if software is the issue, Sony has something called Stamina Mode. So I can turn off stuff too.

If I failed to cover anything else, do mention so....

If not, then this should be an eye opener.

This isn't something The Verge, or it's former relatives, Engadget, will mention. So I thought, let's. Hell, they aren't even STATISTICALLY comparing it with other phones in their articles, although the iPhone makes the list. Ha. Perhaps that would be an eye opener they don't want, or they just never liked Sony.

Xperia Z, though no one will accept it, is the better deal.

S4 will sell more.

But at least now I can say I tried to reason.