Galaxy S IV: A Non-Emotional Look (or Death to Samsung)

It seems the death to Samsung crowd is speaking with a very loud voice in every single S4 article but it seems the same old complaints plastic, pentile, gimmick, and "I didn't like the presentation" are just being rehashed with rage.

How about a more objective look at the S4?

Design: It's polycarbonate plastic like last year. It's the same height, narrower, and only 7.9 mm thick. In other words, the screen is bigger but the phone is smaller. The bezels on the top and bottom are even and the side bezels are very thin. The home button has a rectangular shape with round ends unlike the crescent moon shape of the S3. The back has a slightly holographic texture and the camera is bigger and the flash is centered. The shape is more squared off and is between the S3 and Note II shape.

It's better than the S3 design for sure. It may not be really clean like the Nexus, but the design is actually OK.

Plastic is not the end of the world and just because some other company used soda can material instead of water bottle material doesn't make anything more premium than the other.

Specs: Exynos 5 Octa/ 2GB of RAM or an unspecified quad core Qualcomm processor. Contrary to the Verge article, Samsung didn't specify that it was an S4 Pro and is more likely a 600 or 800.

There should be no complaints about these specs. They're high end.

Display: 1080p SAMOLED. SAMOLED has better blacks and saturation but LCDs have better whites and color reproduction. Take your pick. Pentile is not the end of the world, especially at 441 ppi. While Pentile is not ideal, a 1080p pentile display is hardly the POS the fanboys claim it is.

Battery: 2600 mah. That's good. More than the One's battery by 300 mah just like last year (2100 vs. 1800).

Camera: 13 MP but quality is unknown. Judging from the S3 camera, it should be a good camera though.

Software: It's Android 4.2.2. The latest version of Android. Phil Schiller should prepare to eat his words. There's lots of features and/or gimmicks depending on how you look at them. But of course fanboys scream bloody murder calling everything a gimmick and declare that the S4 is horrible because it has a feature they don't want. Hyperbole for sure. While usefulness may be questionable, there's no doubt something for everyone in the feature goodybag. The nice thing about Touchwiz features is that people don't have to use them if they don't want to. They aren't in your face like BlinkFeed.

I also find air view, smart scroll (tilt scrolling not necessarily eye tracking) and glove usability potentially useful.

TL;DR? People are screaming way too loud about minor stuff they don't like and people should consider the S4 rationally instead of in blind Samsung hate mode.