What will you recommend your relatives/friends get? HTC ONE? gs4? Xperia? ...

I don't know how many people buy smartphones off recommendations, but I know some of my relatives ask me what they should get from time to time. I, and many of you, are like tech buying nexuses, it is from us that much of what others purchase flows.

So what phone would you recommend they get if going android? Or would you have them steer clear entirely and head to windows phone or iOS?

If they are stuck on verizon I might recommend an s4 if they never release an HTC ONE there, otherwise, I am pushing people to the HTC ONE.

The base 32GB storage should offset the lack of swappable cards for most people (read that modifier guys, I said MOST, not all, not you nerds out there who require hundreds of GB of storage in swappable SD cards).

I don't hate Samsung, and as far as functionality, the s4 seems like a great phone and I like that translate feature (how good does that really work?), but I despise how lazy and flippant they are with their phone designs. Someone mentioned this critique of HONDA cars and their relative lack of competitiveness in certain car segments that they were DRUNK off North American Profits, and have gotten lazy.

Design wise, the s4 is the Toyota Corolla of smartphones. The HTC ONE is the Dodge Dart.



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much like this


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will almost certainly outsell the following


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via www.dodge-dart.org

But neither deserves to on design. I can't stand the attitude of, hey, it's a GALAXY, they'll buy it no matter how we style it or hey, It's a TOYOTA, we don't need to modernize this econobox toaster to look like it was EVER meant to do anything but transport people in the most pedestrian, boring way possible. What are they going to buy instead? A Dodge ?!?!?!?!?!? HA, American/Fiat/Italian trash, we're a japanese auto maker, we have intrinsic worth and superiority such that we don't need to bother with things like competitive styling and features.

Maybe it does not bother anyone else, but that is how I see it, and it annoys me.