Verizon Customers May Just Get The HTC One Sooner Than Expected

According to a tipster over at Droid-Life, Walmart seems to be prepping to carry a Verizon-bound HTC One to replace HTC's and Big Red's current flagship, the Droid DNA. When HTC announced the One, they stated it will be available across all major carriers, expect for one, Verizon Wireless. It left many of Verizon's loyal customers perplexed as to why the largest carrier in the U.S.A neglect to carry HTC's handsome new flagship. It was especially frustrating considering leaks up until the event gave the impression it would hit Verizon as well as the other major carriers. But shortly after the event was over, it was expressed unofficially by "sources familiar with the matter" that the phone would indeed hit Verizon shelves -- just much later. But now it looks as though Verizon is not only going to carry the device, but as soon as the end of this month; about the same time it's rumored to launch on all the other carriers.

So with the possibility of the HTC One hitting all the major carriers real soon, does HTC stand a chance again to the behemoth that is Samsung? Does this make any Verizon customers excited to be able to get their hands on the HTC One? Or will Samsung win everyone over again with their wildly popular Galaxy S line with the just announced S4?

Thoughts in the comments!

Source: Droid-Life

Via: Pocketnow