Should I Get The iPhone 5?

I know it's awfully late to be reading this and asking this question but I'm a fellow Android user and I always will be because I love the multitasking it's just brilliant. I don't want to hear you all say yeah but Apple this and that. The reason why I'm asking about the iPhone 5 is because I have to do straightalk and it is the best straightalk phone. I can't get a Sim, or get a better Andorid cause at Walmart they don't have any of the good Androids and can't order them either so the iPhone is logically the best choice. I don't really care that its not the OS I prefer it's still a great operating system, I've realized what I really need in a phone and I'm not really going to game with a PS3 controller everywhere I go. It was an amazing feature to use with my S3, but I'm getting a phone I have a 360 and PS3 I really don't need super powerful gaming on my phone right? I have


mainly been using my phone for reading texting and face-booking and twittering I haven't been playing games very much since I'm probably gonna sell my S3 and then loose all my data on my phone and how far I've gone in them. I've had an iPod before so I know what it's like smooth simple easy and not very customizable. I'm completely fine with that its a phone not a house that people are gonna see, so you iPhone 5 users I'd like to know how the phone has worked with you. Especially battery life which has been a huge problem with my S3 for some reason I always had data off couldn't even make it a whole day with it on. So if your gonna go into battery specs include several details. I'd appreciate any replies its kind of nice to come back to an OS that has built on, not majorly but new features. Hopefully iOS 7 will bring more of those Android features I love. So I'm gonna be paying $650 for this phone is it really worth it is it really gonna work well? Any info about the iPhone 5 is great thanks!Iphone-5-thumb_medium