Retina MBP or iMac/iPad?

Hey Apple Core folks! Long time reader, first time poster, yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway, here's my question: my current daily-driver setup is an iPhone 5, a Retina MacBook Pro, and a homebrew Windows 8 gaming desktop, and that's the source of my trouble today. See, it's pretty unreliable--lots of heat issues, driver erros, and the like. The guy who helped me put it together is really computer-savvy, so I know it wasn't on his end. In general, having grown up in a Microsoft household, my patience for Windows is pretty low. I do, however, still want some sort of gaming desktop--not only for my own personal enjoyment, but so that I have a machine that can run Maya and Unity3D, also while ideally working as a sort of home media hub. Right now, I've divided these duties between the rMBP and the desktop, but given that I'm thinking about a new desktop, I figured it was time to ask the question: should I look at getting an iMac?

The way I see it, two possibilities stem from this option: one, I Bootcamp Windows onto the iMac and use some combination of iCloud, Dropbox, SVN and Google Drive to keep everything synced between my MacBook and iMac (I'd basically be using OS X for everything except gaming in either case.) But I could also ditch my Retina Mac for an iPad and keyboard dock and use that for daily stuff. I'm a student, so I don't need a ton of processing power when I'm on the go--I'm attached to the desktop, but not unwilling to ditch it for a small adjunct computer that functions as a satellite to my main machine.

tl;dr version: should I keep my Retina Mac and suck it up and try to find a better Windows machine, or get an iMac, OR get an iMac and sell my MBP and replace it with an iPad? Thanks in advance, and please, keep the nastiness to a minimum. :)