Microsd and removable battery - why is this important to you?

Alright, I keep seeing this popping up in random comments, and I keep wondering what the big deal is. Explain to me why these two features are so important to you, to the point that a phone without them is a total deal breaker. This isn't meant to be snarky or something. I'm basically asking because I can't piece it together myself.

Now, I'll explain my confusion. My phone (iPhone 4S, if it's really relevant) obviously has neither of these features.

First, the battery: I have never run the battery down and wished I had another one, or the ability to put another one in. I've had phones that did have removable batteries, and I still never took advantage of them. I use my phone quite a lot throughout the day. All manner of random surfing, constant texting, streaming music, games, reading e-books, viewing files with Dropbox, three push e-mail accounts, absolutely everything associated with iCloud enabled, notifications for everything, videos, you name it. And, I always leave wifi and bluetooth on. If my phone is fully charged when I get up (8ish), it's usually about half full at the end of the day when I plug it in (midnight-ish), meaning I could still get a good half day or more out of it if I needed to. I clearly don't need a removable battery. What am I missing here? What circumstances are you encountering that require one?

MicroSD storage: I just bought a phone with enough built in storage. 32gb, in my case. Most of my data resides in iCloud or Dropbox anyway, so I've never felt limited. Hell, I feel like I wasted my money getting the 32gb model... I'm pretty sure the 16gb one would be fine. If I get a new phone (I've made liberal, arguably excessive use of Apple Care, having received replacement phones because I thought the vibrator sounded "weird", so I've been through it a few times), I need only login on the new one and restore from a previous iCloud backup, and I'm good to go again. So, what am I missing here? Why is having (a lot of) separate local storage important to you? Am I just spoiled by a good data connection, and you just can't rely on cloud services to be reliable like I can?