Galaxy S 4 a waste of money for the states version.

While Samsung hasn't confirmed that the State side version will sport the S4 pro or the Octa-core exynos5 I believe we will get the shaft and get the S4 pro which isn't even a 600 version. Now while all the bells and whistle will work on the S4 pro I don't think it will keep up with Frame rates in games and full 1080p movies.

  • The states version Galaxy S 3 was a dual core s4 that had frame rate problems and couldn't keep up with more intense games. Also the audio chip was propitiatory that ran along with the qualcomm chip instead of the wolfson DAC that was ten times better [ok maybe not ten times but I've heard the differences] in the international version.

Batter life will also be differnet. Samsung build this phone from ground up around the battery and their in house chip to make it most efficient. The same problem lies in the S3 the quad core while many believed would be a energy hog proved to be just as good and even better at managing performance and battery drainage then the dual core s4. I remember the press event qualcomm held about their new dual cores and how it's supposed to be more effecient and just as powerful as a A9 cortex quadcore chip. And I'm sure it would be if the phone was build from ground up around the chip instead the galaxy s 3 is a different being compared to the exynos chipset in the international version.

Why I'm bringing the S3 up when this should be about the S4 is because history proofs that strategic business investment repeat themselves when successful. S4 will be underpowered with the s4pro chip in the fight against other android phones and software updates will come later compared to the inhouse home grown international galaxy s 4.

So when the time comes and you want to buy an S4. Buy an international version or go with something else. It's not worth your hard earned money.