Galaxy S4 HEVC/H.265 Support!

So the S IIIS was launched today. Fairly disappointing overall, but something caught my eye but that so one seems to have picked up on throughout the internets: a little acronym stuffed into that final spec list photo everyone posted that announces HEVC video support. (For those of you already lost HEVC/H.265 is the successor to decade old AVC/H.264 that we currently use for almost all video encoding -

Anyway, HEVC allows for twice as efficient video storage as AVC so is actually a huge step forward, and there's not a single other mobile device with hardware support for it out there as of now (nor anything encoded in it, but that's not the point). If Samsung can get together some services that capitalize on it they can effectively have videos take up half as much space and bandwidth as their competitors can, which would be quite something in today's restricted world.

There don't seem to be any details about this support yet, but if Samsung have built hardware support for HEVC into their Exynos 5 chipset, given that HEVC was only finalised at the end of Janurarry this year, they've done something quite spectacular. Even if there's only software support for HEVC, they're still a mile ahead of everyone else - there's not even very good consumer level desktop video software with HEVC as of right now.

Don't bash on the S4 too much, it does take some important steps. Even if it seems that their design team took the last year off.