SAMSUNG GALAXY SIV ; From a former galaxy S3 and current nexus 4 user.


This is always going to be a touchy subject for most people as beauty is a personal preference.

I loved the S3 looks; it reminds me of a sleek sports car something like a Maserati grancabrio, so if you don’t like it good for you if you do great for you; I like the S4 it seems to be moving towards a more premium look (yeah I said it premium) and yes the design is derivative of the S3, like the nexus 4 is derivative of the galaxy nexus, the htc one is derivative of the htc butterfly, like the lumia 920 of the 900 and the N9. Till this day I find it funny when stock android enthusiast hate on the S3 and love the galaxy nexus considering they share the same design language.

Now for the important bit, HTC and Samsung have 2 different challenges hence their strategies are different, Samsung is currently on a winning streak, it’s in the final stages of solidifying its brand, its look, it portfolio hence it makes business sense to go with a look that’s currently recognised, a look/design that brought it success like apple did with the iPhone 5, HTC on the hand has been on a streak of failures, One X, One X+, One XL and the butterfly so it is extremely necessary that they go all out to standout in what they do best hardware design in order to capture market share and truth be told I absolutely LOVE the design HTC one. Now let us back track a bit while HTC was making bank a significant its phones had similar aesthetic and seemed iterative.

HTC and Samsung have 2 different challenges hence their strategies are different


This is going to be short, AMOLED or LCD; don’t nobody cuuuuuuurr except a handful people, 99.999999% of people don’t know what pentile or rgb or LCD means. The average person does not care about what kind of display is used, LCD is great no one is denying that but it’s all semantics as AMOLED is also great, its viewing angles are great and at 441 (S4) and 468(One) ppi pixels are non-existent like unicorns so complaints about the rgb matrix aren’t valid here, I can tell you this I miss the blacks on the S3, you can see the different shades of black on the nexus 4 which irks me half the time(on screen button blacks vary from menu blacks). I know product managers, engineers, teachers, doctors and ERP consultants who love the display.

AMOLED or LCD; don’t nobody cuuuuuuurrrrr, aint nobody gat time for that


Already Samsung hits the right spot, Android 4.2.2 right out the gate (*looks at Phil 'douchebag' Schiller*, inside information my shiny black ass), we had this same situation last year, HTC and Sony released flagships and had the audacity to release them with old software, LIKE REALLY it’s like these guys don’t learn 4.1.2 not even 4.2, imagine how long its going to take HTC to get to key lime pie. you can even argue the same way Samsung is currently being bull headed about hardware and display (poly-carbonate and amoled) which in Samsung’s case isn’t a bad thing is the same way HTC is being stubborn lazy about software updates. The two most touted (software) features on the HTC One; the camera fell short and the blink feed we never asked for, especially since there’s already flip board and Google currents, HTC literally solved a problem that didn’t exist.

Touch Wiz isn't the most sexy but it makes up for that in features and functions, now Samsung doesn’t always get it right, but they try, they really try, they push new levels of functionality I currently miss from the nexus 4, features I got used to over time turn over to pause, smart stay, smart rotate, pop up play (I am multi-tasking junkie something I need to move away from, need to savour more moments while they happen). The S3 camera was actually one of the best out there last year so I am a tad-bit-slightly optimistic about this one, also people keep saying some of these features are gimmicks but what’s so bad about gimmicks, panorama is a gimmick, photo sphere is also a really cool gimmick.

Now Samsung doesn’t always get it right, but they try, they really try, they push new levels of functionality I currently miss from the nexus 4

Here’s the reality, you have to compromise based on what your use cases are there is no one perfect phone when it comes to software and regarding use cases Samsung comes closest whether or not you admit it, my transition to the nexus 4 hasn’t been easy especially the absence of a memory card slot (moving all my songs to Google music, inability to easily put TV shows on my phone as I travel on the weekends for work which is the only time I get to watch TV), I regret owning a nexus 4 during long trips, while my colleague is watching episodes of person of interest I'm stuck with twitter.


When apple first came out, they spent a ton on marketing in comparison to what was usually being spent by OEMs, became a standard and gained immense consumer loyalty, for Samsung to become the same they did the same, spent a shit load of money now Samsung is almost in a similar position, HTC, Sony, Nokia/Microsoft had better do the same but figure their own way of endearing people to their brand. As a business you do everything in your power to turn profit, kudos to Samsung for that. With time as Samsung becomes more successful they’ll spend less on marketing, it always (usually) evens out, HTC released the One, 3 weeks ago I’ve been in and out of London and the West Midlands (UK) and seen very little ads except for in a few papers and champion league barricades, I’ve not seen any commercials on the internet i.e. youtube maybe I’m not looking well enough.

If the HTC One, One X, One X+, One XL and Butterfly don’t sell, HTC Has themselves to blame for not enough, NO ONE else because now they have two case studies (Apple and Samsung) for success to study and adapt their strategies or develop new strategies for today’s business environment.

Final Random Notes

The S4 is nearly the complete package, it’s the data architect dude who’s ripped or hench or dench who has a profound love for both hip hop, rock, classical, dub step and alternative music and owns his place but has a face for radio and Steve erkle’s dress sense while the HTC One is the dude who looks like Ryan gosling, dresses like Dennis Beckham but still lives with his mom and turns up Nicki minaj’s greatest hits as soon as he gets home. That being said I want both of them.

And of course HTC built a great device; you know they had a lot of time on their hands you know with not selling devices and all. ~_~

My dream android device would be: HTC hardware + Xperia Z hardware (the memory card and water proofness) + Samsung hardware (all those sensors and exynos 5) + Stock Android + Touch Wiz features.

Looking at the comments on the S4, they look identical to the comments on the S3, look how that turned out, I bet you this the moment Google has a stock android product that does Samsung numbers two years in row, it will also get similar comments.

Thank you for reading, no really THANK YOU, have a great day