Managing a photo library with an iPhone, iPad, and camera, without a computer

I'm sure I can't be the only person to be confronted with this issue:

I'm trying to help someone who has an iPhone, iPad, and a digital camera, but no desktop computer/laptop. The number of pictures she's taking with her three devices will soon exceed the storage available in any one place. I'm trying to find a photo library management solution that's scalable and sustainable.

As far as I can tell, my best option will be to setup Dropbox and the auto-import feature of that iOS app so that all photos eventually wind up there, effectively bypassing the iOS photo apps and workflow. This doesn't strike me as the most intuitive thing in the world, and it will also mean that she will have to have an internet connection any time she wants to look at pictures, which won't be guaranteed. (The iPad does have 3G but I'd prefer not to tell her to buy a new data plan for that device.)

Any other ideas? I don't think iCloud/Photostream is capable of long term photo storage. Using my desktop/laptop as an intermediary is out of the questions since she'll be out of the country for many months out of the year.

Seems like we might not quite be in that magical post-PC world yet...

Thanks for any tips/advice!