What every happened to the best phone is the one you like?

I use an iPhone. I guess that would make sense since I'm writing this post in the Apple Forum. I guess my point or confusion now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is out, there is this over whelming Apple is doomed! Apple users get ready to abandon ship. Samsung as taken the crown!

I'm sure this will sound "fan-Boy-Ish" but I like my phone. Not actually because its an iPhone, but because it's my phone. I mean that, I went to the store; did my research; got the plan that worked for me; bought what accessories I wanted; the apps; blah blah blah. It takes photos of my space and the people in it. I can call people, txt people, surf the world and back. On this phone. Which I'm sure I could do on any other phone in the last 3 years and still do 3 years from now. But this is my phone and it works for me. I guess I'm writing this as a complant to all the "haters' that slam my choice as being an iSheep or following the crowd but also to the peeps that need to defend this choice as being, "iOS is clearly above all others.

I find it kind of amusing that all of the venom thrown at the phones and the companies no one (or at least not many) list off what their phone does for them. My phone is my 2 year olds "Thomas the tank Engine" saviour on the subway to school. My thank goodness I can take video on this thing for my education work. The waste time on the bus playing games before picking up the 4 year old from kindergarden. They music player for that same 4 year old walking home from school. (the wife does the reverse morning to night). I've got a CBC Radio app to listen to the news at dinner. I face time with the grandparents at least 2 twice a week from the bathtub filled with their grandchildren. Once a week we listen to and interact with a Sandra Boynton book app. And for the last week my wife an I have watched House of Cards on the AppleTV and because I've lost both remotes for the AppleTV my phone is now the remote.

My ramble isn't that the iPhone could do all of this and another phone couldn't. Just that no two people would have that same experience and the only phone that could do this is the one I actually like using. Just my two cents but everyone IMHO needs to lighten up on the better phone Vs trip and just get the phone that works for them and their life style period. Just my humble two cents. Go technology Go!