How Apple Will Introduce Wireless Charging.

Imagine this.
Apple like you owning more than one of their products, right?
So, if you own iPad and iPhone they could somehow interact with each other to persuade people to buy them both.

The smart cover for iPad could act as a wireless charging base; you simply plug in your iPad, and place your iPhone ontop of your iPad to charge it. Simple.

This could then further be developed to allow for more devices to be charged using the same smart cover (probably up to two small devices for iPad Retina, and just one for iPad Mini). These could include; iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, Apple TV Remote, Magic Mouse, etc.

Redesigns would be needed for each product to allow for the new wireless charging technology, but Apple could also sell Bumper like cases for previous generation iPhone + iPod Touch's which have a Lightning/ 30 pin connector built in.

[Also, maybe too far fetched of an idea, the smart cover could have very thin batteries in them for extra juice?]

I'm in my first year studying Product Design at University. Concept images for this will be posted at