My opinion on Android flagship devices for 2013

With all the major mobile events like CES ,MWC and independent manufacturer events completed we now have all the information about the flagship devices from each company.

Going through the reviews,comments and opinions across the internet i came up with below brief conclusions about them.

Xperia Z from Sony..


  • Early availability,we can already purchase this device in some countries.
  • Unique design
  • Solid build quality with Dust and water resistance
  • On-Screen keys.


  • Being early to the market ,it had to use 2012 Snapdragon pro processor.
  • Full HD display not up to the mark,with every one being disappointed about viewing angles.
  • Plastic covers for all the ports may bother people on long run.
  • Released with older 4.1 Jellybean.
  • Missing IR-Sensor available on One,Galaxy S4.

One from HTC..


  • Again good build quality and unique design,different from their last year flagship.
  • Has latest 2013 Snapdragon 600 Quadcore processor.
  • Stereo loud speakers which were actually appreciated by many people.
  • Better screen compared to others with full RGB matrix.


  • Reported delay in the release.
  • Mixed reviews about the 4 mega pixel Ultra-Pixel Camera.
  • Changed button placement,may take time to adjust.
  • Released with older 4.1 Jellybean

Galaxy S4 from Samsung..


  • Best hardware available in the market with 1.9Ghz Quad-core processor/1.6ghz Octa core in some markets.
  • Better storage options,would be available in different memory sizes
  • Custom smart features integrated in Touchwiz.
  • Increased battery capacity.
  • Will released with latest 4.2.2 Jellybean


  • Nothing new in design for the people who have used or seen Galaxy S3.
  • Build quality.
  • Although difficult to spot,the screen is not still full RGB matrix.
  • Touchwiz,still not everyone’s favourite.
  • Still using Menu key which is not recommended according to Android design guidelines.

Optimus G pro from LG

Not sure if this is complete flagship device as it more phablet than a phone.


  • Has all the latest hardware seen in other 2013 phones.
  • Smart apps/addons available similar to samsung.
  • Bigger battery


  • Huge size
  • Releasing with older Jellybean version

Still waiting for a device from Motorola/Google :)

Seeing all the devices released/releasing in 2013 i really doubt if we ever get a device with flagship internals and smaller screen sizes.There are many people out there to get device which is great on specs and easy to carry,it would be nice to see manufacturers capture this market…….

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