Dear writers from the web, please stop trolling Samsung

Have you ever seen what a "S" upgrade is for Apple? Let me tell you ; faster CPU and better camera, and everything else is pretty much the same. Now, how do you dare to call the glorious Galaxy S4 a "S" upgrade? It just talks about your bias toward Apple. The Galaxy 4 has a bigger screen with higher lever density (441 ppi), a much better camera, it`s made from poly-carbonate, it also can be used with gloves and a plethora of other features that Apple has never implemented in a "S" upgrade. If this had happened in Apple`s realm, the Galaxy revelation the world witnessed yesterday would have been called the Galaxy S5 or 6. Besides, why do you guys complain so much when the Galaxy S3 is the phone that turned Samsung into the coolest tech company in the world, sorry Apple; you are the next Rome.

I understand that yesterday`s show was like a bad Broadway show and everything, but nothing was as lame as Phil Schiller thrash-talking Android and saying that Galaxy S4 would come with a year-old software, which was false. Do you know what`s more lame, he did it twice. Oh, they also released an update to their operating system to steal the spotlight from Samsung. Apple, you deceive me as a company. And please stop paying writers from all over the web to attack Samsung because now the throne is theirs to keep for a few years as you once did.