Apple Stock Up on Unimpressive Samsung S4 Announcement

With a flurry of stupid features that few could want, Wall Street investors decided that Samsung, whose been gaining in Apple's rear-view mirror for quite some time, may not be passing the iPhone maker any time soon in profits or in sales of their flagship smartphone. AAPL was up $11.16 (2.58%) on a day when the NASDAQ was down. Even the normally Apple-bashing ran an article citing Gene Munster's opinion on how the S4 is not a threat to iPhone 5 sales (which have been extraordinarily strong). Certainly the stock market will fluctuate from day to day, but as of recent, AAPL has not caught a break. It is funny that the stock's first big uptick in weeks comes from Apple's biggest competitor failing to show anything impressive at their launch event.


The Galaxy S4 had a large number of features to tout, but few of them were tout worthy:

  • Air Gestures: This was probably the coolest one because it might be useful when you have sticky fingers, but then again, you still have to turn the phone on with those fingers and fetch it from your pocket so its usefulness may be quite limited.
  • Smart Pause: I imagine this is going to be the first thing 90% of savvy S4 owners will switch off. This feature can be a little annoying when it pauses video because you glanced up for a moment to downright aggravating if it misreads your face and pauses video when you don't look away.
  • Dual Shot: This has gotta be the stupidest feature ever on a smartphone. Nobody has ever wanted their own face pasted into a photo they were taking with the flare of third-grade arts-and-crafts just so they could prove that they also were present when the photo was taken. The only way this might be handy is with video calling, but it remains to be seen how this will work with third-party software like Skype.

Maybe somebody should tell the folks on Samsung's engineering team that just because you can do something does not mean you should do it. Here's a suggestion for the Galaxy S5: add an adaptor on the phone to connect the whisking attachment from an electric mixer and let me spin that whisking attachment at varying speeds controlled by the volume rocker buttons. This seems like something that would be right up Samsung's alley -- a real "innovation".