The Big Screen Future


Just recently my phone contract expired, and so I went to research and look for a new replacement phone for my Galaxy Ace and in my honest opinion my Galaxy Ace was slow, had mayor lags and couldn't even run Angry birds without freezing but above all it's faults, it was small and was easily able to use it with a single hand. My fingers just about could reach anywhere of the screen and I liked that.

Now, I'm not a really small person. I simply want a reasonably sized phone that's powerful and that has a super awesome kick'ass screen. Yh sure we got the Iphone 4s/5 for now but for how long will Iphone have a reasonable size.

In the next 2 to 3 years we will see our phone shops filled with cutting edge massive screens phones, and I don't mind that. I just pray that they'll remember us little guys, Who like having smaller than four inch screens and Kick'ass hardware.

Plus a Galaxy S4 mini would be nice and please don't kill the hardware. Just a smaller screen.

I just wanted to ask you guys. Do you like it big?