Exynos 5 and FPS Lag in Android

In The Verge's video, when they pull down the notification bar, you can clearly see the FPS lag happening, same thing when scrolling sideways through the app, lag or delay happening there.

What is it with Android? There is even lag in the Nexus 4, however I'd say it's probably ten times better than the S4.

Same with the iPhone 5. I've played with it though I've never owned one, and there's virtually NO LAG. Maybe you'll notice a slight lag as you're scrolling from Home screen to search screen (maybe, I haven't tried) but that was my problem with the past iPhones. It flies. Released last year.

Yet Samsung can't even release a phone without having FPS lag pulling down the notification software?

I realize it's probably pre release software, however if the Galaxy S3 is any indication, I doubt they're going to fix it. Just played with my friends S3 (Bell version) like I do EVERY calculus class, and there comes the lag! Pinching in homescreen, SCROLLING! Seriously! His S3 lags while scrolling through the home screen! Please Samsung! Your TouchWiz doesn't help the fact that Android still has some optimization issues!! YOU HAVE 8 CORES SAMSUNG USE THEM WISELY.

PS. It also ticks me off how my Android phone sometimes lags, yet the home button does nothing. The lag completely freezes my phone when some rogue app decides to malfunction like SwiftKey did yesterday. On and iPhone, I press the home button and it immediately exits the app. Sometimes my S2 stock software decides to completely freeze, and even the power button doesn't work and I'll have to restart my phone or wait ages.