Best Soft/"Bouncy" Case for a Nexus 4

I had an iPhone for 3 years and made a switch to Windows Phone 8 in November with a Nokia Lumia 920. I still love Windows Phone and it's OS, but as a platform, it's lacking. I'm getting a little bored with it and it has been having some frustrating glitches. As a result, I'm seriously pondering buying a Nexus 4 and getting into Android.

First of all, what do you all advise for a Nexus 4 purchase? 4G isn't a big deal where I live and I was satisfied with my iPhone's 3G speeds.

But let's get to the real thing I'm wondering. I had this case for my iPhone:

I loved how grippy the material was and also how shock resistant it was. I dropped the phone a number of times and the case just bounced away problem-free.

So my question is, what is the best case that I can get for a Nexus 4 that is as shock-absorbent and grippy as the Speck case?

Thanks in advance! I'm excited for the possibility of having this phone!